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States of matter

"There are three states of matter but what state one is in that matters.” States or rather phases is something that we experience daily. The appearance of a single matter changes dependent on outside conditions intentionally applied or naturally occurred. It is important to grasp this right at the start of our development which makes our latter knowledge more meaningful and understandable. This activity will teach or kiddos states of matter.


The matter is almost everything that we come across daily such as the air we inhale, drinks, clothes, etc. Particles are tiny pieces of matter and all matters are made up of particles. The way these particles move around or rather don't move around is how we classify matter into different groups. Elements and compounds can move from one state to another when specific physical conditions change such as temperature, pressure, etc.

Solid State:

  • Solids are objects that keep their own shape

  • They do not flow in a given temperature

  • Solids can be different colors and textures, and they can be turned into different shapes

  • Solids are made up of molecules that group together and don’t move around.

Liquid State:

  • Liquids do not have their own shape but can take the shape of the container they are in and they can flow at a given temperature

  • They can be different colors and thickness

  • Liquids are made up of molecules which are further apart than in solids and can move around easily

Gaseous State:

  • Gases are air-like substances that can move around freely or flow to fit a container

  • They don’t have their own shape

  • You cannot feel them even if you put your hand somewhere but we are surrounded by different gases in the air we breathe

  • Their molecules are spaced apart and jiggle around


Download the activity sheet from here and complete the project.

States of Matter
Download PDF • 198KB


Following is a list of 10 Items

  1. Playing Block

  2. Blown Balloon

  3. Water

  4. Ice Cube

  5. Mobile

  6. Rain

  7. Oil

  8. Wind from fan or vent

  9. Steam

  10. Milk

Your task is to differentiate these items in 3 boxes in the sheet, wherein each box will represent a state of matter - solid, liquid and gaseous respectively

Learning Opportunity:

Through this project, you learned about states of matter. Now try to observe around you all these states of matters and various things. Continue with your list on a day to day basis.

Time Required: 10 minutes

Cost: NIL

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