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Dye Tie Coloring

“We dream in colors.” Coloring is a stress buster for adults so just imagine the relief and fun the kids would experience. The cherry on the top would be that this activity is not just a regular coloring task, it will be a creative and fascinating one. This activity is to make a

portrait with the look of a dye tie by using a simple coffee filter at home.


Dye Tie Coloring is something that we are seeing everywhere around us - clothing, decoration, etc. So why not try making it by ourselves, using colors of our choice, making abstract art, or rather a defined picture one with this amazing technique.


  • Sketch Pens of different colors

  • Coffee filter

  • Rubber bands

  • Spray Bottle


  1. Decide what type of art do you want to make on the coffee filter

  2. Sort out the sketch pens and recognize the colors that you want to use

  3. Sketch patterns on the cloth randomly

  4. Spray water on the paper and put it to dry

  5. Once dry, create flowers by folding it as petals and in the bottom add a rubber band to tie it together.

  6. Place the flower in a decorated vase.

  7. Similarily create a butterfly, by folding the paper in the middle and attach a paper clip on top of it to make the body.

  8. Use a wire to make its antenna. Feel free to choose any color.

Learning Opportunity:

  • It is usually recognized as occurring somewhere in the 1960s

  • It is known as the technique of resist-dyeing

  • The term “resist” has to do with the method of manipulating a workable surface and the way it absorbs color

  • Tie-dyeing is an inexpensive way to turn any article of clothing or fabric into a vibrant work of wearable art

  • The process typically consists of folding, twisting, tying, and otherwise manipulating fabric to control the application of dye into its fibers

  • The possibilities are immense including that you can transform an old stained shirt into a recycled gem, make a creative uniform for any team

  • Enjoy and admire this ancient art

Time Required: 10 minutes

Cost: < $1

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