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Secret Message Using Icons

“Every decoding is another encoding.” Visual memory goes hand in hand with the phonetic skills that a kid develops. This activity is to decide an encoding representation, form a

message and decode it. This project will illuminate, describe the skills, combinations of skills and level of skills that a kid can keep increasing periodically.


Encoding and Decoding is the science that is used to try to keep information secret and safe. The principle of encoding a message is to ensure that only the intended receiver understands the message. The children will not only decide the icon values but also, can have a partner and translate the message.


  • Animal and Bird Icons

  • White sheets of paper

Download the sheet for the icons:

Secret Message
Download PDF • 2.47MB


  1. Each icon of an animal or bird will represent an alphabet

  2. On a sheet of paper, you will stick the icon and write the alphabet representation beside it - this will be the language for passing your secret messages

  3. Now, on another sheet of paper, you will write a secret message - a word using just animal and bird picture icons

  4. Give this secret message to your friend and ask him to decode this secret message

Learning Opportunity:

  • Developing decoding and encoding skills is essential for a solid understanding of reading

  • Decoding is the process of reading words in a text form

  • Encoding is the process of using letter knowledge to write

  • The manipulation that we learn while doing this project is a step in reading and writing

  • It makes the children understand how the letters work together to make words

Time Required: 10 minutes

Cost: NIL

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