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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

“Kids love robots. They’re this fanciful, cool thing.” A vibrobot is one of the easiest and quickest bots that you can build. This activity will teach you to create DIY personal vibrating insects like robots known as Vibrobots using your creativity and desire. Make an army of them and try out new advancements as well.


Vibrobots are fun little tiny robots built from common household supplies that are powered by vibrating motors. The robot is driven by vibrating its body. It is a fun activity integrating electronics, robotics, and arts.


  • Coin Battery (Either can be purchased directly or rather can be retrieved from a tea candle)

  • Small Vibration Motor

  • Plastic cups

  • Popsicles

  • Transparent tape

  • Double-sided tape

  • Colorful markers and Glue


  1. Open the bottom of the tea candle using a pair of scissors and remove the coin battery

  2. The face of the Vibrobot will be made using a plastic cup

  3. Take four equal-sized popsicles and using a tape stick the parts equidistantly inside the open end of the cup creating the robot legs

  4. Draw the eyes of the monster using a marker or stickers if you have one

  5. Take a vibration motor and attach its two ends to the coin battery using a transparent tape

  6. Put a double-sided tape at the bottom of the coin battery and attach at the top of the plastic cup

Learning Opportunity:

Electricity flow is generated by linking electrical components together

The two thin wires attached to the Vibrating Motor act as ‘+’ and ‘-’ pole

When the two poles are connected to the battery having the same two poles, electricity is generated and it starts to vibrate.

Time Required: 20 minutes

Cost: < $10

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