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Quiz Marathon with Scratch

“Don’t study until you get it RIGHT. Study until you can’t get it WRONG” Understanding how the world around us works is what growing up is all about, and teaching kids about the world is a primary goal. Why not explore a path in which kids find COOL, FUN, and INTERESTING. This activity will teach kids to develop their own quizzes either educational or knowledge-based in an easy to learn and private way. It will raise their confidence and aid individualized learning.


Scratch ( ): If you are new to scratch, click Join Scratch else click Sign in


After logging in, you see your screen as below which has different parameters like:

  1. Code, Costumes, Sounds as basic instructions to kickstart

  2. The left panel as instructions for scripts

  3. The middle panel as code here

  4. The right panel as a canvas area

  • Code comes with different scripts like Motion, Looks, Sound, Events, Control, Sensing, Operation, Variables and My blocks which can be used in creating any game

  • One can choose different sprites and different backdrops based on your interest

  • Below are codes which one can use to create your own quiz game which can be done simply by drag and drop process

  • Add score counter from variables to see your score.

  • Finally, time to play the game and score high.

  • Just hit the green flag

to run the game and

the red button

to stop the game.

Note: For more reference, follow our Quiz Marathon scratch project here:-

Learning Opportunity:

  • Quizzes are great for assessments and plenaries

  • Quizzes help in self-tracking your knowledge and ability

  • It encourages children to have a self-awareness of their progress and self-assessment

  • Motivating kids to learn by creating these quizzes is immeasurably easier by this drag and drop and visually pleasing developments which are made available to us

  • Development builds art, math, and coding skills, and offers students an outlet to show what they know and what they aspire for in future

  • Creative thinking is the ability to look at a problem in many different ways

  • This might involve seeing a different way to do something, generating new ideas, or using materials in unique ways of which creating Quizzes is a great example

Time Required: 30 minutes

Cost: NIL


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