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Sketch Your Own Room

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

“Every Light Carries a Ray of Hope.” We often wish to have our rooms structured and organized as per our aspirations. So, let’s make our own room which is our tiny hope artistically along with learning as we want science and productive vision to go hand in hand. This activity is to learn, understand and get comfortable with mathematical

measurements by sketching your room design

Image: Ikea


Life is much easier when we know how to measure things and for that you need to know the concept of measurements. Measurement is the action of measuring something. Graph Paper is also known as a Grid Paper. It is basically used to draw objects that need to be built as per specified measurements.

Here we use simple fundamentals of scaling to scale down a large dimension on a graph paper. These techniques are heavily used in civil engineering, architectural, and interior designs.


  • Graph Paper

  • Ruler

  • Pencil


  1. Imagine the kind of room you wish for

  2. You need to sketch your room with a dimension of 12 feet x 15 feet in area

  3. On the graph paper, your measurement would be: 2 Centimeters = 1 Foot

  4. Mark the measurements on the graph paper respectively and draw the outline of the room

  5. Start drawing the plans for your room i.e. the objects that you need in your room keeping in mind that everything you sketch should scale with 1 Foot = 2 Centimeters

  6. Take into consideration all the interiors that you want in your room.

Learning Opportunity:

  • Graph Paper is something that depends on our comfort level and familiarity with such a tool is important

  • The more comfortable a person is with manipulation, the more flexible it is with the graph paper, it can be used in a more efficient, convenient and effective manner

  • Graph paper can help students when creating, drawing and organizing their work

  • Graph Paper that we are using is a 1-centimeter grid paper

  • So, to manipulate as per our desired defined scale helps kids to understand the basics and get comfortable with numbers

  • Measurements are something that you need to visualize and judge accordingly

Time Required: 20 minutes

Cost: < $1

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