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LED Light Monsters

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

“The Light in a Child’s hands is all it takes to make a Magical Time.” Creating a DIY Light monster quickly at home without any prior preparation and using easy to find supplies you already have on hand. The amazing catch is that the Light Monster will be made using a circuit, but without Electrical Switches & Connections. The circuit will be made using a Coin Battery and LED.


The circuit will be made without any Electrical Switches & Connections. You can create your own kind of monster using your creative impulse.


  • Circuit: Coin Battery (Either can be purchased directly or rather can be retrieved from a tea candle) and LED Light

  • Monster: Plastic cups, unused water bottles, straws, popsicles, transparent tape, double-sided tape, colorful markers, and glue


Circuit Connection:

  1. Open the bottom of the tea candle using a pair of scissors and remove the coin battery

  2. Take a LED light and just attach to the coin battery using a transparent tape

Monster Creation (Grumpy Popsicle Monster):

  1. Take two popsicle sticks and cling them together using tape or adhesive glue in a cross manner

  2. Stick the circuit at the connection point of the popsicles. It would act as the nose of the monster!!

  3. At the ends of the popsicles make the monster’s eyes and legs using a marker or stickers if you have one

Monster Creation (Robo-Monster):

  1. The face of the Robo-Monster will be made using an unused water bottle cap and the body using a plastic cup

  2. Take the circuit and fix it in the open end of the water bottle cap

  3. Put a double-sided tape at the bottom of the coin battery and attach the bottom of the plastic cup to it

  4. Draw the eyes of the monster using a marker or stickers if you have one

  5. Cut a straw in three equal parts and using a tape stick the parts equidistantly inside the open end of the cup creating the monster legs

  6. Similarly, using plastic spoons hands of the monster can be made

Learning Opportunity:

  • A circuit is a path through which electricity can flow

  • A circuit is usually made by linking electrical components together

  • The two thin wires attached to the LED act as ‘+’ and ‘-’ pole, when that is connected to the battery having the same two poles -> electricity is generated and LED is lit

Time Required: 5-10 minutes

Cost: < $10

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