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Design your own Shoebox Room

“Happiness is not by chance, but by choice!” How about creating a miniature model of the kind of room you wish to have. Modeling the room right from the kind of flooring to the paint color on the walls and the furniture you require. This activity will help you to make a

miniature live model of your room by using easily available supplies at home.


Every child imagines a kind of room as per their likings and aspirations. It is an artistic activity and a very personalized one. So, kids will enjoy making it. Kids will be able to apply their understanding of elements and learn some basic things about interior design and positioning.


  • Shoebox

  • Water Paints

  • Small unused cardboard boxes

  • Cloth remnants

  • Pencils

  • Glue

  • Double-sided tape


  1. Take the shoebox, cut out the lid and one wide edge side of the box

  2. Pull up your imagination and make a list of all the things that you wish to have in your room - e.g. Bed, window, cabinets, dressing table, study table, bean bag, etc.

  3. Now decide the position of the requirements listed above

  4. Decide the paint color you wish to have in your room and color the interior of the shoebox with that color

  5. Make bed, cabinets, tables, etc using the unused small cardboard boxes

  6. Paint all the miniature furniture with your pleasing color respectively

  7. Place all the furniture in your decided position and once finalized glue them to the box

  8. For making windows, you can either draw or make it on a cardboard and glue them

  9. Cut cloth remnants to make any soft things such as beddings, bean bags, etc. You can also use playdough for the same

  10. Decide any other furniture, paintings, boards, etc you wish to have in your room. Prepare the same and glue them.

  11. You can add figures if you wish to and your miniature imaginative room is ready!

Bonus Steps:

  1. As per the area given of your room - calculate the area of the floor and walls

  2. Then, calculate the perimeter of the windows

  3. Scale the area and perimeter calculated to a nearest whole centimeter

  4. Now, for all the items that you want in your room, calculate the area that they would occupy and accordingly make miniature models of the same

Learning Opportunity:

  • By creating a miniature model of their imagination, it will bring out the artist in them

  • It will make them think deeply about their priorities

  • They will also learn to differentiate in their preferences and understand themselves better

  • Learn the Perimeters, Areas concept.

Time Required: 30 minutes

Cost: < $ 5

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